Eraser Drag Mat – 6.5′ x 4′ with Tow Chain 50 lbs


Eraser Drag Mat – 6.5′ x 4′ with Tow Chain 50 lbs




The Eraser Drag Mat is ideal for both athletic fields and golf courses. Designed to professionally level and groom athletic fields and synthetic turf surfaces or use to break up core plugs on fairways or drag in top dressing on golf greens without damage. The Eraser Mat will even work in adverse, damp soil conditions opposed to metal drags which will “load up” and make the surface unlevel and unsafe for play. Percolate and dry your material while leveling and finishing your field. The unique design will not harm your grass, mounds, or home plate if it inadvertently comes into contact with them. When finished very little material is left in the mat. The flexible mat is easy to roll and unroll and can be driven over without damage. Includes tow rope or chain.
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