K-Rain Pro Plus Adjustable Sprinkler


K-Rain Pro Plus Adjustable Sprinkler




K-Rain’s Pro Plus Professional Series gear driven sprinklers are equipped with many features to ensure reliability and save the installer time, money and needless frustration. The Pro Plus is easily retro fit to any other sprinkler.
Pro Plus superior features include:
PATENTED ARC SET. A K-Rain exclusive. Arc of rotation is clearly indicated on top. Adjustable from 35 degrees to 360 degrees, the sprinkler can be adjusted before installation or while the system is operating.
5 INCH POP UP HEIGHT. Pro Plus offers a 5 inch riser that pops up through even the tallest turf. The can height is virtually equal in size to most other gear drives, yet K-Rain’s Pro Plus pops up an extra inch.
PATENTED REVERSING MECHANISM: K-Rain’s patented reversing mechanism (U.S. Patent No. 5,417,370 Carl L.C. Kah, Jr.) insures reliable operation.
EXCELLENT NOZZLE PERFORMANCE: Nozzles deliver an excellent fall out pattern. Independent testing by C.I.T. showed K-Rain nozzles deliver up to 98% uniform coverage. (Complete test data available upon request.)
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