Leemco Elbow – 6″ Self-Restrained 22 Bend


Leemco Elbow – 6″ Self-Restrained 22 Bend




Fittings are ductile iron, slanted, deep bell, gasket style made in accordance with ASTM A-536, Grade 65-45-12 & AWWA C153. Fittings have a joint restraint system cast within the fitting. Joint restraints have no blunt cast serrations, so damage of the outer pipe surface will not occur. No machined threaded restraints. All gaskets are of manufactured of high grade EPDM rubber and rib-enforced “U-Cup” design to seal and assist in restraining pipe at all pressures. Epoxy Coating on interior & exterior surfaces of fittings are of fusion bonded epoxy, 10-12 mil thickness. The epoxy coated fittings passes 90-Day immersion tests.
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