Quick Carry 400 Utility Trailer


Quick Carry 400 Utility Trailer




The R&R Quick Carry trailer with optional accessory kits is the most efficient and versatile grounds maintenance trailer on the market! With its quad steering and Positive Tracking System, the Quick Carry 400 trailer follows the path you are taking. The wheels do not turn until they reach the same spot where the tow vehicle or preceding trailer enters its turn. This eliminates the need to steer wide or cut corners as with normal single axel trailers, and avoids wear and tear on turf around corners, plus keeps it from wandering off the path. No matter what the load, the Quick Carry 400 trailer is easy to unhook and maneuver, and will not tip or flip when unhooked. Multiple tailers can be pulled with a single utility vehicle.
Everyone has different work demands, therefore the Quick Carry 400 accessory kits allow you to create the perfect trailer to match your requirements. Simply purchase the basic Quick Carry 400 trailer and select the kits that suit your needs. Available trailer kits include: Steel Stake Side Kit, Wood Side Kit, Low Expanded Steel Container, Tall Expanded Steel Container, Trimmer Rack Kit, Tool Rack Kit, and Trimmer Line Spool Holder. The Quick Carry 400 trailer easily carries everything you need up to 2,000 lbs! Trailer dimensions: 48″ W x 60″ L x 36″/
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