Rainbird Underground Reel 3/4″ x 75′


Rainbird Underground Reel 3/4″ x 75′




The Underground Hose Reel is easy to install, use and maintain. Whether placed on every green or just in those areas that need extra attention, the Underground Hose Reel can be fully installed in an afternoon. Three hose lengths, 50, 75 or 100 feet allow enough flexibility for watering or syringing any green. To begin watering, simply pull the hose out to the desired length and open the ball valve on the end of the hose. When finished, close the valve, release the ratchet and allow the spring to rewind the hose for you. Housing the hose on the reel keeps it in excellent condition and minimizes the frequency of hose replacement. Additionally, hose changes can be easily completed without dismantling the entire installation.
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