World Class Aerosol Field Marking Paint – Case/12 – White


World Class Aerosol Field Marking Paint – Case/12 – White



World Class aerosol field marking paint is the choice of America’s leading teams from the NFL to Major League Baseball and many parks, golf courses and schools. A premium paint, made of 100% acrylic with no calcium carbonate, it is durable, turf-friendly, and easy to use. Aerosol field marking colors are perfect for various field marking line overlays, or for painting the stencil logo at mid-field. Designed specifically for the sports turf industry, featuring more pigment than any paint in the industry and meets the highest standards for the brightest white. Dries fast even in wet weather. 20 oz cans. Case/12.
Please note: This product is considered Hazardous Material, and will be shipped Ground or Truck.

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